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Thanks for everyone's support and contributions to Yabbly. After two and half years, we've made the hard decision to shut down the service.

It's bittersweet given all the hard work we put into Yabbly and the loyal users who helped us create a really special community around Q&A. We wish we could have grown faster. If you're looking for product shopping advice, we definitely recommend The Wirecutter and if you're looking for interesting AMA's, Reddit awaits.

It's not over for our team though. In fact, we launched a new project in the summer of 2014 called Poachable. It's a very different idea (anonymous career matchmaking) but we're pleased to say we've signed up as many members on Poachable in our first few months as we did on Yabbly in over two years!

Thanks again for all your support and feel free to check out Poachable here!

Tom and Ian

November 17, 2014

P.S. If you have any questions or need any help you can still contact us at support@yabbly.com

Photo by Vinoth Chandar. "Sunset at Kabini River" taken on March 1, 2012.